The Process

1.       You will be working in groups of 3. Everyone will take on the role of researcher and journalist for the part one of the task and then you can chose one of the remaining roles for part two:

Part One

·        Researcher – your task is to use the Internet to find out as much information as you can about black Britons and their contribution to British history. You will then need to choose one person to focus on

·        Journalist – your task will be to write an article about your chosen individual for the programme

      Part Two

·        Editor – your task will be to proof read all of the articles, correct any mistakes and suggest any appropriate changes

·        Designer – your task is to collect appropriate images and design the graphics for your chosen individuals. You will also need to plan the studio with the best camera positions

·        Director – your task is to write the plan for the programme including the timings and scene changes


2.     Once you have assigned your roles you will need to start researching your individuals. You can use the following websites to get you started: This has descriptions of over 80 individuals This has a lot of material about the black presence in Britain before 1850 This has lots of excellent images of black britons This is a short biography of Olaudah Equiano This has descriptions of individuals and details about the slave trade This has a huge resource about the Slave Trade including individuals involved in the abolition of slavery This has a large variety of articles and links this has biographies of 100 great black Britons

3.    To complete part one of your task you may want to use the following table as a structure for your research:

Name of individual




Timeline of key events in life






Examples of what the individual did / achieved


Reasons why you have chosen this individual


Websites used

4.     Before you can start to write up your article you need to meet as a group to decide on the 3 individuals that you are going to make your programme about. You may want to ask yourselves the following questions to help you decide which individuals you should choose:


What makes this person so important?

What personal characteristics did this person possess?

How have the accomplishments of this person stood the ‘test of time’?

Why should this person be included rather than someone else?

5.     Once your articles have been written you need to put your programme together. Hold a production meeting in which each journalist feeds back to the whole group the information that they have gathered.  The editor, designer and director will then need to complete their individual tasks.

6.     Cameras, film, action ……